Our Technical Capabilities, Your Support

ADA provides state-of-the-art technical support to all types of maintenance requirements. We have a sophisticated maintenance facility located at the Abu Dhabi International Airport that provides the additional capacity and equipment to conduct both internal and third party maintenance on rotary and fixed wing aircraft including: major overhauls, heavy maintenance, aircraft modification, refurbishment and repainting.

Structures Workshop

Our fully equipped and climate­ controlled Sheet Metal Workshop provides the optimal environment for implementation of structural repairs and modifications. With a floor space of 700 m2,there’s more than enough room to conduct specific and general Aircraft Sheet Metal and Composite repairs. Some of the latest technologically advanced equipment that give us the capability to service your requirements include:

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Technical Support

Overhaul and Component Workshop

We have a dedicated component overhaul facility with a floor space in excess of 612m2. Our NDT capability includes EN4179 as well as PCN Aero Level 2 and Level 3 in Magnetic Particle (MPI). We have full capability to overhaul all Bell 205/212 & 412 …

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Avionics Support

ADA Avionics workshop covers about 325m2 of floor space, and is dedicated to supporting the ADA fleet and our customers. Our strength lies in our diverse experience on different aircraft types. We specialize in custom and standard avionics installations and aircraft re-wiring.

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Engine Support

We also have a dedicated engine support shop specializing in PT6T, PT6A, PT6C, and PW100 engines. Our capabilities include full Hot Section Inspection repair and refurbishing on the PT6 engine type, including CT/PT disc re-blading and vane ring shroud grinding. We also offer inspection …

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Heavy Maintenance

We specialize in providing light and heavy maintenance support for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft types, with state-of-the-art facilities consisting large fixed wing and rotary wing hangars that are within easy access of Abu Dhabi International Airport. We hold maintenance organisation approvals …

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More Support and Services

Our services don’t stop there.

We offer complete solutions for professionals in the aviation industry – quality solutions that are envied the region over.

From our excellent practitioners in our workshop dealing with sheetmetal and overhaul work to avionics, components and engine support we have a specific solution for your requirements and needs.

We extend this to maintenance of all kinds, including fixed wing, engine, wheels, brakes and structural support, as well as more aesthetical requirements, like exterior and interior refurbishment.

Fixed Wing Maintenance

Our fixed wing maintenance department has grown to include our own four DHC-8 and 3 more customer DHC-8 aircraft to our operational fleet, as well as numerous other aircraft types for other customers …


Abu Dhabi Aviation is approved as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) by the UAE GCAA under CAR M and Jordanian CARC under JCAR-Part M for a number of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft types.

Structural Support

We are specialists in full Bell Medium (205/212/412) structural repairs. Our extensive operational and maintenance experience on the Bell 212/412 type has given us exceptional knowledge on structural repair techniques.

Refurbishment and Paintshop

We have two dedicated paint shops and a stripping bay for aircraft exterior refurbishment & painting. Our large paint shop is capable of accommodating aircraft up to the size of DHC 8-400/ATR72.

Engine Change, Inspections / Build-up

We offer internal bore scope inspections for all aspects of the PW100 series Power Plant in accordance with the manufacturer maintenance manual requirements. Power Plant replacement with all necessary tooling …

Wheels and Brakes

With our ultra-modern Wheels and Brakes shop, we also have the capabilities to accomplished complete tear-downs on both Wheels and Brakes, adhering specifically to manufacturer specifications on various types and designs.