Flight Operations

ADA’s highly sophisticated technology and qualified team is at your service for a wide range of business and leisure applications.

Flight Charters

We provide charter services of AW 139 (WIP or Offshore), Bell 212/412 aircraft on an hourly, daily and weekly basis.

The purpose of these charters may include photography, aerial application, pipeline patrols, search and rescue, VIP flights or vertical reference long line work.

ADA is able to mobilize helicopters worldwide to perform WIP charter missions.

Seismic / Construction

ADA pilots introduced the long line vertical reference technique to the Middle East in 1984. Since then, the technique has been extensively used by our crews during helicopter seismic projects throughout the Arabian Peninsula. We have successfully conducted numerous seismic programmes in the rugged mountains of Oman and Yemen utilising 40-metre long lines and specially equipped aircraft.


If you are a professional photographer or a nature enthusiast, you can use our helicopter service to capture aerial images throughout the Gulf region.

Our Bell 2 I2’s & 4 I2’s are approved to carry a universal nose mount which can accommodate many different cameras. Subject to approval fromthe UAE GCM, all of our helicopters are capable of carrying a wide range of cameras for missions ranging from local live television coverage of dhow races to dramatic ‘tanker war’ films as seen on prominent TV networks.

Oil Support

Over the past 40 plus years, ADA has flown over one million hours in support of oilactivities. A vast majority has been in the offshore sector operating Bell 212 and 412 aircraft in the United Arab Emirates.

ADA was also the first commerc ial entity to offer the AW 1 39 helicopters in the UAE.

Medical Evacuations

Our team is also equipped with the right technology and training required to carry out offshore and desert evacuations. We provide 24-hour Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAq coverage for all local Abu Dhabi-based oil companies. Third party coverage for specialised one-off missions such as seismic programmes within the UAE are also provided when needed.

Fire Fighting

ADA pilots and engineers have experience dealingwith fire fighting operations in the rugged and challenging terrain,which require a high degree of precision and practice.

We have also beenactively involved in European fire suppression activities since 1997, primarily throughoutthe Spanish Province of Catalonia. The company’s Bell 2 12 and 412 aircraft are equipped with the lsolair ventral tank and snorkel system, which have proven to bevery effective during these campaigns.

Search And Rescue (SAR)

We provide SAR support to the Armed Forces in the UAE, with equipped aircraft capable of carrying out all types of rescue operations on land or sea.

The critical service operates from four strategic bases within the UAE, consisting of a fleet of seven state-of­ the-art AgustaWestland AW 1 39 SAR­ equipped helicopters. Each helicopter comprises a crew of four: two pilots, a winch operator, and a rescue crewman I paramedic. The service is available fo immediate callout, 24 I 7.

Abu Dhabi Aviation in partnershipwith National Ambulance have delivered World class aero medical clinical care to ADNOC Group.This is the first dedicated HEMS operation in the UAE with further expansion plans to cover the country. Transporting patients outside the scope oftraditional land based ambulances with a high level of care from point of origin to definitive clinical care.