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ADA Quarterly Magazine – Q2 2020

  There is always something unsaid. In ADA magazine, we shed a light on our different departments, achievements, experiences, employee stories, and strategic partnerships. Our strategic partner featured in this edition is Abu Dhabi Police Aviation, pitting a spotlight on our partnership and cooperation. Abu Dhabi Aviation always has more.     To read…

Abu Dhabi Aviation- HEMS

Special service given by Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) in cooperation with our strategic partner – national ambulance   An important and special service given by Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) is air ambulance, in cooperation with our strategic partner –  national ambulance.   The video above is showing the preparation of HEMS aircraft, ready to move cases of COVID-19 positive from offshore to onshore. TodayVisits 2 TotalVisits 2192629

Eid Mubarak from ADA

Eid Mubarak from Abu Dhabi Aviation       نتقدم لكم بأسمى آيات التهاني و التبريكات بحلول عيد الفطر المبارك و كل عام و انتم بخير.   We extend our warmest greetings and best wishes for Eid Al-Fitr May these precious days shower you with God‘s blessings and prosperity. TodayVisits 3 TotalVisits 2192629